C. Fn IV-10 options on Rebel 550D

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C. Fn IV-10 options on Rebel 550D

Did anyone realize that, most of options that can be assigned to the SET button of the 550D is nearly useless?

-ISO already has a dedicated well positioned button.

-No need to turn the LCD off, because of the proximity sensor. Also DISP. does the same thing

  • Flash Exposure compensation is kinda useful, but you can control it pretty well using the Q menu.

  • Same to Image Quality

  • Menu Display also unnecessary.

There should be instead options such:

-AF point selection. It would speed up the point selection and it's usuability. I usually use the front dial to select. But it's sequential, and so, kinda slow. And the four way controller is too far from the dedicated AF point selection button. Through the SET, it would be close to have a dedicated controller.

-WB Shift/BKT. Also a good option. Dive to much in the menu to change WB settings is slow.
-Highlight Tone Priority
-Mirror lock-up
-High iso noise reduction.

I'd really like the AF Point thing. I think it's a major downside of the rebel cameras. Auto selection is not cool because it hardly focus on what you want. You can use the center point and recompose off course, but if the subject moves this is not an option. Not a rapid move of course, but it's nice to have the option, using in Al servo AF. For an example people walking.

Another option to that problem is that, in the moment the proximity sensor detects your face in the viewfinder, the camera automatically dedicate the four way controller to a full-time AF point selection. At the moment, when it sees your face, the controller just does nothing.

What you think?

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