JPEG vs JPEG+ RAW Quality

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Re: JPEG vs JPEG+ RAW Quality

JPEG is processed and created from the existing RAW file.

This takes more processing power/time and for single shooting it is indeed true that you'd get faster image shooting RAW then shooting JPEG (and less battery consumption) since camera doesn't have to create both RAW and JPEG files, just RAW file.

This was especially true for E-3, I'm not sure about E-5 since I didn't test that yet.

Basically, RAW image is created by the camera and if RAW only is selected, that RAW is written in camera's buffer and then onto a card.

In JPEG only version, RAW image is created by the camera, and then camera's CPU processes that RAW file using camera settings and then writes it in buffer, deletes the RAW and then writes JPEG onto a card.

This is the reason why E-5 can shoot unlimited JPEG - the camera buffer is emptied before filling up because only 1 RAW file is present in it at time while if you shoot RAW only, camera's buffer gets filled with lots of RAW files which need extremely fast card to be transferred onto it (theoretically 5FPS = over 70MB/s would be required for that), JPEGs are smaller than that - around 3-5x and that enables camera to dump the files onto a card before it fills up.

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