Nikon D7000 Review & Incorrect Peer Group

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Nikon D7000 Review & Incorrect Peer Group

I've only had a chance to glance at the D7000 review so far, and I must say that I am baffled by the category you place it in, along with the peers you reviewed it against. Let's use DPR's parent company prices for body only as of today as a good proxy for groupings (which let me suggest buyers do solely on a dollar basis):

Nikon D7000 $1,499
Canon 60D $999
Sony SLT-A55 $899

In contrast, here is the price for the Canon 7D: $1,699

So for non-Nikon comparisons, the D7000 is judged against $500 (33%) less and $600 (40%) less, rather than a true price peer of $200 (13%) more.

Hey, I love all the new features - but the price move puts the D7000 in a whole different category, with higher expectations. If the D7000 wants to earn a Silver Award for its performance versus its peers only (the way you award them), then I want to see it judged against its true price peer, the 7D, not its much cheaper competitors a full notch down the pricing chain.

Careful review of the charts in the applicable conclusion sections is also confusing. The text in the D7000 chart says the camera is firmly in the semipro range. But the top of the D7000 chart say it is a "mid range SLR". The top the 7D chart says "semipro SLR", and the top of the 60D chart says "mid range SLR". So both price and performance for the D7000 are semipro, but peer group for photo comparison purposes and ratings is much cheaper mid range SLRs???

Anyone at DPR care to clarify?

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