What's next after E510?

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Ulfric M Douglas Veteran Member • Posts: 4,756
Re: What's next after E510?

Qythyx wrote:

I currently have an e510 with just 2 lenses, the Zuiko Digital ED 12-60mm and ...

Great lens, fast to focus (the fastest!), strange you are not getting fast focus;

Right now the one thing I'd really like in a new camera is related to better focusing. Reasonably often I take pictures of live events (kids ballet recital, kids choir singing, etc). These are often not lit very well, and often it is inappropriate to use a flash, or get close enough to use a flash. ... sometimes focusing quickly is an issue....

Either you've got a poor body, poor lens or are expecting too much.
I hear of all the sub-E-5 cameras the e-30 focuses the very best.
ISO 1600 is fine in that camera too.

There are lots of used e-30 going for reasonable prices these days, that's what I'd recommend.

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