Canon 5D, 5D2, 7D vs Pentax K5 noise and DR comparision

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GUI wrote:

At ISO80, the K5 has almost 2 stops more of DR than a FF camera like the Canon 5D Mark II. When new FF sensors appear with such a performance, we can start to dream about forgetting the need to shoot several times in HDR scenes.


The K-5 is kind of spectacular when it comes to dynamic range. However measuring this DSLR againts a camera like the 5D Mk II, which is two years old, is almost unfair, LOL!

Today's APS-C sensors will usually beat two-year old FF sensors on all aspects except noise at high ISO. Sensor age is now as much important (if not more) than sensor size when it's time to measure image quality, since technology evolves so fast.

Just look at the D700 vs. the D7000 on the DxO Marks website.

With the exception of high ISO, the D7000 almost catches up with the D700 on all other levels. Same goes for Canon: the 7D has almost as much DR than the 5DMkII, despite having photosites twice as small!

What is surprising is to see the 16 Mpix Sony sensor actually beating the 18 Mpix Canon sensor by such a wide margin. Sony has clearly taken the lead in APS-C sensor performance, at least for now.

The new FF sensors coming this year will probably have DR in the range of 15-16 stops, with even better high ISO performance and color depth... and all this with even more megapixels than before! Unless my sources are wrong, expect two BIG — and I mean BIG — announcements in February or March, first Nikon then Canon.

The full frame is far from being dead.

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