Help: Ranger RX or Ranger Quadra?

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Help: Ranger RX or Ranger Quadra?


Long time stage event pro photographer (part-time), I'm now in the process of going towards advertisement photography as my main source of income.

I already rent lighting equipement when I need to lit large sets, but I want to buy a kit to use for smaller sets. And since I tend to shoot out of the studio more and more, I need a flash kit that can operate "far from civilization", or, to say it another way, far from a power outlet.

In short, I'm now shopping for a battery powered flash kit, and it will be either a Ranger RX or Ranger Quadra, both made by Elinchrom.

The problem is, I'm not sure if I should go for the Ranger RX or the Ranger Quadra. Both systems are interesting in their own ways, and each time I weight the pros and the cons in an effort to come up with a final choice, I always end up back at the starting point, not being sure which system to choose.

Ranger RX pros:

  • Powerful (1100 W/s instead of 400 W/s on two channels)

  • Weather-resistant power pack (for use in wet environnements)

Ranger RX cons:

  • More expensive

  • Heavier than its smaller cousin

Ranger Quadra pros:

  • Cheaper (two heads instead of one for the same price)

  • Light

Ranger Quadra cons:

  • Not so powerful (400 W/s on one or two channels is a little more power than a high-end shoe-mount flash, which is more flexible in many ways — wireless, TTL metering, etc)

  • Not weather-resistant (not convenient when using in wet environnements)

I'm afraid to go for one of the Ranger Quadra kits and then regret it after ending up not having enough power to properly lit a subject against a blue sky when shooting at F/11 @ 1/250th with ISO 50 or 100.

But then, the Ranger RX kits are more expensive than the Ranger Quadra kits, so much in fact that I can buy a Quadra kit with two heads for the same price I could get a Ranger RX kit with one head .

Should I skip the Ranger Quadra and go straight for the a Ranger RX, or will the Ranger Quadra be powerful enough for small sets?

I intend to use this kit for people portrait (one to five people), product photography, street scenes (day or night), etc.

So if anyone ever used one of these flash kits (Ranger RX or Ranger Quadra), your insights, comments or experience stories would be most welcome!


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