Canon 5D, 5D2, 7D vs Pentax K5 noise and DR comparision

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Re: Canon 5D, 5D2, 7D vs Pentax K5 noise and DR comparision

Philip Goh wrote:

Unless I'm misunderstanding the plots, at ISO 1600 the K-5 starts from -0.7 EV to -7.5 EV, which gives it 6.8 stops of DR. The 7D starts from -2.5 EV and goes to -7 EV, for 4.5 stops of DR. From -2.5 EV to -7 EV, the K-5 and 7D have the same SNR, but from the graph it looks like the K-5 has higher DR even at ISO 1600 compared to all the other cameras.

DR is measured from 0EV (sensor saturation). The plots don't reach that limit simply because I didn't care to have samples so close to saturation, since they are irrelevant. The only important thing to precisely know is where each sensor saturates and make that point the reference for 0EV.

These are the sat points I used for the test:

CAMERA ISO100/80 ISO1600
5D: 3692 3692
5D2: 15758 15763
7D: 13582 15299
K5: 16383 16383


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