Canon 5D, 5D2, 7D vs Pentax K5 noise and DR comparision

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Re: Canon 5D, 5D2, 7D vs Pentax K5 noise and DR comparision

well, thanks for sharing but if you did not test at least 5 copies of each camera , I must say the test is flawed as with all other sensor tests published.

GUI wrote:

I did my own noise measurements over uniform patches to calculate the Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) for several cameras: Canon 5D, 5D2 and 7D, and Pentax K5.

how many samples for each body?

if not more than 5 samples , it is useless test.

I used the lowest real ISO (ISO100 in Canon and ISO80 for the Pentax), and ISO1600, which is the highest useful ISO value for any RAW shooter on any camera (pushing ISO furthers means no improvement in SNR).

the ISO 80 of the Pentax is not real ISO 80.

These plots were obtained:

Since those cameras have different pixel counts, a fair comparision requires to normalise all SNR values for a given output resolution. I used the Canon 5D as a reference, so the other cameras (with higher pixel count than the 5D), obtain improved SNR plots:

Looking at this noise response, the following conclusions are clear:

  • At ISO1600 the K5 performs like any other modern APS-C in the whole range

  • At ISO80, the SNR curve of the K5 is excellent, yielding a very low presecne of noise for low exposure values

This means the K5 at ISO80 is a very high dynamic range camera, capable of recording detail in the deep shadows where other cameras fail. Another advantage of this behaviour is the ability to 'recover' detail when the captures was erroneously underexposed.

this is true.

Calculating the Dynamic Range over the last set of plots, using a 12dB SNR threshold criteria, the following comparable DR figures are obtained:

At ISO80, the K5 has almost 2 stops more of DR than a FF camera like the Canon 5D Mark II. When new FF sensors appear with such a performance, we can start to dream about forgetting the need to shoot several times in HDR scenes.

in fact , this is why FF is already doomed and now.

and dont forget after the 645D introduction MFB is getting cheaper and cheaper.

so most of serious landscapers will go MF eventually and others will find the latest gen APS-C completely acceptable for their needs.

IMO, FF is really doomed now, espcially a low mp FF like the D700.

Complete article (Spanish):


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