Plain black muslin. Where to buy?

Started Nov 4, 2002 | Discussions thread
Bern Caughey Senior Member • Posts: 2,825

I prefer duvateen to velvet. Velvet catches a sheen easily. Duvateens can be purchasd in almost any size through motion picture suppliers & better camera stores. One side is nappy & the other is similar to a muslin. A 12'x12' muslin will probably have two parrallel seams im it.

I would get a 12'x 12' or a 12'x20'. They are treated with flame retardant & it is the same fabric used on flags. There are grommet holes every foot or so.

Norms Studio Equipment, (818)766-6676, in LA makes their own duvateens & has very good prices. American Studio Equipment (818)768-8922 also makes their own & in addition, they make the world's best grip gear & stands.


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