It's Decision Time (7D or T2i)

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It's Decision Time (7D or T2i)

I'm embarassed to admit this but I've been researching bodies and lenses for more than a year. I'm one of these people who simply can't make up their mind but I've finally come to the realization that while I'm spending all of this time worrying about which camera/lens is the best option I'm doing so without an actual camera in my hands to enjoy and that is driving me batty.

So, I've given myself a deadline of this Sunday to decide between the T2i and the 7D. I'm going on vacation on 12/13 and I want a camera in my hands at least a week prior to that time.

I've researched the T2i, 50D, 60D, 7D, 5DM2, and some of the Nikon bodies and I've also looked at 75% of Canon's lenses and many of Nikon's lenses. I'm also taking an online course at the NY Institute of Photography, reading David Busch's book on the 7D, and reading two books by Bryan Peterson (Understanding Exposure and Learning to See Creatively).

I want to shoot everything. I like landscapes, people, street/candid, sports (soccer, lacrosse, football, baseball, softball, volleyball, basketball), and wildlife (birds and other wild animals).

Even though I'm doing all of this prep work, the 7D still seems quite challenging and that's why I think perhaps the T2i is the best choice. It's also only $699 right now (less than half the 7D price of $1,599). I'm trying to stay under $3K for everything (body, lenses, accessories).

I think there's a good chance I could move to FF in the future but I'm not sure. In reading the T2i reviews, it seems like the IQ is nearly the same as the 7D. I do realize the 7D has a much better body (mag alloy vs. plastic), weather sealing, and many more bells and whistles. I'm sure I could grow into the 7D with time but initially I might be a bit frustrated. I know the learning curve with that camera is very steep. I also don't want the 60D because for just $400 more I could get a 7D and I might as well just step up to that level since the price difference isn't that great. So, that's why I've narrowed it down to the T2i and 7D.

I know I listed a lot of sports and I do want to shoot all of those so you might say go with the 7D for the 8 FPS and superior focusing system, but there are days when I just want to go out into nature and shoot trees, rocks, and other interesting stuff like that (in which case the T2i would likely do just fine).

Anyway, I would really be interested in what people would do in my situation. This is my first DSLR. I had a 35mm film camera many years ago and I'm learning a ton through my online course and books but the only camera I have now is a Nikon P&S. "You invest in lenses and you buy bodies" so I think the T2i is the way to go but the 7D is arguably the best crop sensor DSLR on the market today and I'm sure I could grow into it with enough time and commitment.

Thanks very much for any advice you might care to offer!

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