Canon 5D, 5D2, 7D vs Pentax K5 noise and DR comparision

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Re: Canon 5D, 5D2, 7D vs Pentax K5 noise and DR comparision

Right, the problem here is that DxO have the bad habit to use a 0dB threshold SNR criteria, which is totally useless for a photographer (an image with a SNR of 0dB is basically noise and can't be recognised or printed). So DR provided by DxO are not comparable with the ones I calculated here.

If you look at the plots, the K5 tends to have a lower slope in its SNR curves (in fact this is its main advantage for DR). This means having the same DR as the 7D with a 12dB criteria, is compatible with having a higher DR than the 7D with a less demanding criteria. But I insist, the DxO criteria (0dB) is useless for someone who wants to take a picture of a given DR.

DxO SNR curves can be used to recalculate the DR for a different criteria than 0dB. Surely if we do this, the K5 and the 7D would provide the same DR for high ISO values.


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