Where to buy Canon lenses in Seoul, Korea

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Re: Where to buy Canon lenses in Seoul, Korea

I bought my 17-55 for 950,000 KRW at Yongsan Electronics market last June. The won was at a little over 1200 to the dollar at the time. I had negotiated with the guy in like May when the won was closer to around 1100 per dollar, so when I went back to actually buy it he didn't want to go below 1 million. Eventually he admitted that he remembered me and gave it to me for the previously agreed 950,000. I also agreed to buy a genuine Canon lens hood at the same time, but the one he had seemed a bit dickey so I then agreed to buy an off-brand on instead... I think it was like 15,000 or 20,000 for the hood. The lens has been performing great so far.

I don't get down to Yongsan much so I'm not really familiar with the place, but it was one of the shops right by one of the entrances to the big floor area that's all full of camera stands/shops - right by where you walk in from the train station. If you were to come up from E-mart in the basement, you come up the escalators and then go diagonally through the train station (with the big flight of stairs coming up the front of the building off to your left out the door) and it's one of the shops who has a lot of Canon and Nikon stuff, just on your right hand side as you come in through the door from the train station lobby area (and all of the camera gear is spread out in front of you for seemingly as far as the eye can see). I was in there last week and they had a 60D for like 1,250,000, but I wasn't looking to buy at the time (but at that price I thought about it - maybe if the won continues to climb and I can get him to hold that price).

EvolveWithMe wrote:

Hi Sloanbj,

That is a stellar deal on those lense, PLUS the hoods and bag.

I already have a Tokina 11-16 (and LOVE it), but I am very much interested and in the market for a 17-55mm as a walkaround... I am currently in South Korea, and I was curious what the price JUST for the 17-55 was. I plan on getting a hood, filter, and smaller holster bag (I already have big bag for 7D plus all my lenses, tis just a pain to carry around all the time)... I am also going to look for the Panasonic DMC-TS2 for snorkeling too! but yeah, how much was just the lens? it seems like it was a really good deal!


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