upgrading a 30D to a 7D. Anyone using the tamron 17-50 + 7D?

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Re: upgrading a 30D to a 7D. Anyone using the tamron 17-50 + 7D?

twan wrote:

I'm considering an upgrade of my 30D to a 7D.
I have the tamron 17-50 2.8 and canon 70-200F4IS.

pretty amazing pairing, my standard APS-C walk-around set

Should I also sell the tamron and replace it with the canon 17-55IS? (I mostly hear that the IQ of the tamron is close to the canon)?

not unless you need a bit faster AF and IS

Or should I keep it and buy an additional lens like the 24-105IS?

not unless you don't mind giving up wide shots and wish to take a lot more longer ones, then it might make some sense (although the tamron 28-75 is nice and even sharper but if you need IS or don't want to give up some color/contrast then the L is better), but honestly, it's just not as sharp as the tamron 17-50, has no f/2.8 and costs a ton more so....

EDIT: actually if I wanted more reach, I'd go 15-85 IS way before the 24-105L myself

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