Is the FX 24/1.4G overkill for a DX body (D7000)?

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Re: Is the FX 24/1.4G overkill for a DX body (D7000)?

IQ-wise it depends.

the D7000+ big lens will probably give you sharper images in tests and many circumstances.

the D700 + AFD lens will probably give you better images when high iso are useful, and slightly more pleasant transition between in focus and out of focus area (i mean not bokeh, i mean transition).

But it's mostly a matter of what other lenses are available to the user, since it basically gives a move to FX for very cheap.

+ there are all the other factors : HD video or not, bigger viewfinder with a D700, more quiet shutter with a D7000... Etc etc.

My guess is that if you start buying lenses like an 24mm F1.4, your whole system will probably benefit from a move to FX.

I find that most old AF-D primes are "sharp enough", and that the real IQ factors are AF-speed and shutter speed, at least when it comes to shoot people/events.

marco1974 wrote:

NicoChina wrote:

For about 10% more money you can get yourself a D700 and an AF-D 35mm F2.0...

That will give you the same field of view and the same depht of field... so i'd say that yes it's overkill.

Again, that would produce inferior photos vs. a D7000 + 24/1.4, IQ-wise.
Plus, in 2 years' time, the D700 will have depreciated FAR more than the 24/1.4.
Horses for courses.


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