300D RAW & JPEG question

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300D RAW & JPEG question

I'm new to shooting RAW.

I have not done any post processing yet (aside from a simple crop or color balance in iphoto) - although I have an older version of aperture (never installed or used yet) and photoshop and was thinking about shooting RAW in hopes of perhaps learning/teaching myself/fiddling with some post processing.

I had thought that the camera was capable of taking RAW and JPEG (I had read references by other users though not 300D) but it appears that the 300D does this but the jpg is embedded in the RAW file?

I have a Eye-Fi card on my 300D so I can wirelessly upload to my MacBook (and maybe soon my iPad) but the speed with the RAW is unbearably slow. There is a setting in the cards manager that can tell it to upload the jpgs but not the RAW (allowing me to see my jpegs immediately but transfer the RAW files later manually and faster)

So as I see it with my 300D and the jpeg embedded in the RAW I cannot do what I want.

WHat I am asking is either confirmation that yes I cannot do that and need to either just shoot in JPEG and has immediate faster uploading of shoot in RAW and use some tool to extract the JPEG.


Is there a trick or a setting I am unaware of that will save separate RAW and JOEG files allowing me to use the Eye-Fi card as I want?

FYI - I am looking into purchasing a T2i in the next few months - will this allow me to have the files separate? If that is the case maybe I should just hold off a little longer on the RAW and continue with the JPEG until I get the new body

Sorry for the length - hope I was clear in my question.


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