Can no longer run OnOne PhotoFrame 4.5.1 on PS CS5... Help

Started Nov 27, 2010 | Discussions thread
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JayMurph Regular Member • Posts: 211
Can no longer run OnOne PhotoFrame 4.5.1 on PS CS5... Help

Been having a problem trying to run photo frame.

I'm running win 7-64 bit with 12GB of ram (i7 920 CPU)

I have the OS and drivers running/loaded on my "C" drive which reports 279GB with 180GB free.

All programs including Adobe Photoshop CS5, lightroom, Photoframe... ect are loaded onto a separate drive "E" which reports 698GB with 617GB free.

I also keep my photos on two internal drives "F" 465BG/171GB free and "G" 465GB/99.6GB Free (Both I back up to two external drives and DVD's)

At one point PS awhile ago PS started to appear unstable but after a system reboot all seemed fine PS runs with no issues but... when I tried to run photo frame pro 4.5.1 I keep getting these error messages..

"Could not write to the preference file. The disk maybe full. You will not be able to save of load the settings."

The only option is "OK" at which point the plug-in will open and will appear to run normally until you select apply or cancel. Then I get the following error message.

"Could not complete the PhotoFrame 4.5 Professional Edition Hidden command because there is not enough memory (RAM)."

I did get in contact with OnOne tech support and went through the steps they recommended. I even reinstalled PS (although I didn't delete any folders after the uninstall), I have also reinstalled my OS (though not from a reformatted drive).

Short of completely wiping my HD's has anyone ever seen anything like this and have a solution that would require to drastic of a restart? I know just enough to be dangerous I can muddle through the basics.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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