Canon issue a new firmware for Canon 7D now!

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Re: Canon issue a new firmware for Canon 7D now!

Mark B. wrote:

325xia wrote:

It's just a matter of time before a "Hack" is used to unleash all the capabilities of the 7D. We don't need to wait for Canon.

What capabilities do you think are currently locked up?

Auto-ISO with flash enabled.

EC for auto-ISO.

Coarse highlight-protecting metering ("Evaluative" is a joke).

Limits to ISO when auto.

Limits to shutter speed and aperture when they are auto.

Subtraction of the vertical banding, which is the same in every frame (almost seems intentional).

ISO bracketing.

I could go on and on, about all kinds of things possible with very simple programming and the existing hardware. Canon seems to be a very stingy company with basic software functionality.

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