Panasonic ZS7 or Canon SX210 fro low light video

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Panasonic ZS7 or Canon SX210 fro low light video


I want to buy a compact camera for low light video. The budget is around $300, and I find the camcorders at this range to perform worse than digicams at the same price, and the digicams are a lot less bulky as well.

Don't get me wrong, I'll get some stills too, but for descent stills I have the Nikon D90.

I was thinking about the Sony HX5v, but after seeing the following videos - it is obvious I should go with the ZS7 or the Canon SX210:

I couldn't find a direct comparasion between them, but I found these two videos: - The video is of the ZS5, but I assum it is very similar to the ZS7

From these videos it seems that the canon is a lot better in low light conditions.

I also read this review that ,mentioned a problem of the ZS7 with low light videos (see in the last paragraph):

On the other hand I saw some good videos of panasonic in what seemed to be a low light condition (I can't tell the exact lghting, and I can't directly compare with other cameras)

for every other feature I like the ZS7 better than the canon, but if low light video of the canon is better, I'll go with it.

What do you say? any other camera I should look at (it must have wide angle lens, optical zoom in video, stereo sound and it should be compact, super zoom isn't mandatory).


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