Re: Kuwait reported to have banned use of DSLRs in public

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Re: Kuwait reported to have banned use of DSLRs in public

This is not only interesting, but perplexing, and unbelievable!

Three ministries involved in the ban? Wow! A D-SLR is now more dangerous than prostitution rings, or the CIA satellites?

Getting a permit to take a picture is now harder than getting a permit to build a nuclear reactor!!

If someone needs a permit then he or she will have to go through the three ministries to get a permit to take a picture of a duck playing in a pond?

Knowing that it takes months to get through Kuwait's ministries red tape, the duck would be gone by then, I would guess!

And with three ministries involved, one needs to apply no less than NINE months in advance to get a permit to take a picture!!!

We must then make the duck sign a contract that it will be there, in the pond, exactly 9 months from now for the photo opportunity.

I have a feeling that the duck would keep its promise better than the three ministries!

Couldn't they agree on which ministry or authority to issue such "very dangerous" permits?

What happened to basic freedom and Civil Liberties?

Is this the country that brags about its democracy? This is absolutely disgusting, to say the least. I thing it's also barbaric, in my humble opinion.

So if I visit Kuwait, and as an enthusiast photographer, I would have to leave my camera home?
Shame on you, the ministers who issued such a stupid ban.
You should be encouraging photography not banning it.

Thank goodness Ansel Adams and the like did not grow up in Kuwait under these circumstances, and under these ministers.

Obviously the three ministries did not have a clue that aim-n-shoot cameras have bigger lenses nowadays, as big as 800 mm or more, and they got full 1080 HD video capability as well.

So it makes a lot of sense (or none of it, of course) to ban a D-SLR which has a 200 mm lens on it but it is OK for the non D-SLR with 800+ mm zoom lens!

They also don't seem to know anything about what satellites are doing, and their cameras capabilities, not to mention cell phones, and pen-size cameras and camcorders!

Is there anyone there (the Emir maybe?) who can force these three ministers (three stooges) to take a basic class in photography and the latest in photography technology before they can make such a stupid decision?

I can only imagine how frustrating this is to photography hobbyists!

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