Unused Printer - Expired Ink?

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Think I got it!

Found a local retailer - more commercial, the larger printers but I found a human. He recommended the "POWER CLEANING", once completed do "NOZZLE CHECK". If it doesn't work go back and forth, keeping in mind I will be using significant ink.

Told me ink should NOT expire over non-use in only couple of months but nozzles will definitely clog (dry up and plug).

Took my original print (the horrible one) and my nozzle check printout down to the shop to show him - wanted his eyes for opinion versus just phone conversation.

Looked at my nozzle check printout said should be working - things to look for. On the printout doesn't matter how dark / bright the lines are, looking for consistency.

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(gap) -- = BAD

-- / -- = BAD

-- -- -- = GOOD (keep in mind lines on nozzle check printout being slanted)

He recommends people run a nozzle check DAILY knowing most people won't (ink usage), keeps pigments shaken up, not settled, do it at least weekly. Said at a BARE MINIMUM do the nozzle check MONTHLY and the printer and ink should last a long time. Power Cleaning, not that often.

Reprinted my image, looks like my monitor, they match!

Helped me, thought I would share.

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