Innovative use of a monopod as tripod?

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Recent solutions for ultra light trekking tripod

Yes did you do the 6-month trek in the Himalayas? I hope you are well!

For the sake of people who read this I will add that there is now a nice light solution:

    • Ultra-lightweight: Weighs only 11 oz. (312g)

    • Ultra-compact: Only 15" (38cm) when folded

    • Convenient: Stands 44" (112cm) tall

    • Quick: Tripod legs spring open in seconds

    • Easy to Carry: Attaches to camera bags and luggage

    • Sturdy: Heavy-duty, metal ball-head with strong aluminum legs

    • Max Weight Load: 3 lbs. (1361g)

And for the trekking poles , a few solutions with a mini flexible tripod on top to provide rigidity and the ballhead (look at the post by Jesse):

Similar to that one (maybe mentioned earlier in this thread I think):

My observation on monopoles is that they are very expensive and very fragile while good trekking poles are just as light (my Leki is 315g and my Komperdells 288g each) and some have a photo screw hidden on top (Leki Sierra, just add a ) so to make a strong tripod with trekking poles I would either borrow someone's pole or bring the Leki instead of a monopole, and add either a Giottos MH 1304 73g or Giottos MH 1104 (with quick=k-release plate) 101g ballhead:

Finally there is the Velbon V-pod available in many places but need to order from abroad in the US (Max height: 101cm (about 40"), weight 275g, closed: 29cm, max load 2kg):

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