**Any** news or even rumors on a WA DX lens?

Started Nov 19, 2010 | Discussions thread
Michel F Senior Member • Posts: 2,019
Re: **Any** news or even rumors on a WA DX lens?

I usually shoot JPG and while I could clean up most of it manually, I could not clean it all. What software are you using ? I remember trying the automatic feature of PT lens but it couldn't do the job right.

It's also possible that my copy of that lens was one of the bad ones. The CA seems to vary widely with this lens.

JurassicPizza wrote:

Michel F wrote:

Yes, sharp and good pictures but that evil 10.5mm CA is rearing it's ugly head in your last shot (look at the tree trunk to the right).

The 10.5's CA is easy to fix -- it cleans up completely in software.

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