Opinions on 50mm f1.8 Mk II as value for money

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Re: Opinions on 50mm f1.8 Mk II as value for money

Victor Engel wrote:

Even if there is a significant difference, my original question involved a custom color balance, not a fixed color balance like in the website linked earlier in this thread.

This is not so white and black issue. A fixed WB shows the true color of the lens. A custom one - the best you can get, in some sense. OK, but I am talking about differences in some colors only. Gray remains gray; red varies. The tests that I do are shot in RAW with a gray card. There are other differences as well, like saturation in the yellows, the hue of the blues, etc.

The L Lenses I own and tried (70-200, 24-105 and 100L) are warmer than the rest; the 10-22 and the 17-55 an and the 60 (hard to compare with the UWA, very different FL) are in between but the most accurate, probably; and older inexpensive primes like the 50/1.8 and the 100/2 - so-so.

This is normally what I see -- nebulous descriptions with no data or illustrations to back up the statements.

There is a good reason or that. It takes little time to write about past experience, and much more to show test results.

If these claims are true, surely they can be backed up with evidence.

And if there are not backed up, that does not make them false.

I may post something later, I have to search my back up drives. I do not normally keep test shots on them. You do not have to believe me, and I do not have to prove anything to you.

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