D7000: Prg Auto, S & A - What's the difference?

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Re: D7000: Prg Auto, S & A - What's the difference?

pavi1 wrote:

eNo wrote:

  • Program (P) will leave ISO alone and won't pop the flash, but will auto-select aperture and shutter speed. > >

nfpotter wrote:

No. P mode will not "leave ISO alone". ISO has absolutely nothing to do with P mode, any more than any other mode.

THAT is a confusing statement.

It is no more confusing than your statement. P mode does nothing to ISO unless you have Auto ISO turned on. On the other hand, Auto Mode (the green one) uses Auto ISO and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

So yes P mode will leave ISO alone unless you have told the camera to use Auto ISO.
Now everyone trying to learn without doing can be even more confused.

Thanks for the clarification. You said exactly what I meant.


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