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Re: Proction aside re filter....

rrm wrote:

I use lenses with hoods always but am haphazard with filters so with the question of protection aside re filters and on to image quality---- with older lenses such as f28 2.8 f50 1.7 a 28 etc do the filters optimized for digital (with their newer coatings) help the lens/sensor with regard to flair etc and if so then would the filters then be worth it???

No; it simply doesn't work that way. If the lens coatings are such that flare is a problem, adding even an ideally coated filter to the front won't affect that in the least. You'll still get flare off the lens elements; and in practice, under some conditions at least, you'll get flare etc. off of the filter as well. (The best possible UV filter would, for visible light, behave the same as no filter at all.)

An ND filter could improve image quality if it allows you to not blow highlights or not stop down your lens so far as to get resolution limited by diffraction, which is mostly a concern when doing things that require relatively long shutter speeds. A polarizer, properly used, can improve image quality for some shots, at least in a certain sense--it can help cut down on unwanted reflections and such. Filters otherwise don't improve the image quality, although of course the various "artistic" sorts of filters may produce effects that are what you want for certain situations and in that sense be improvements.

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