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Along the same image books or magazines.....

I am often approached by education publishers who tell me that they are too poor to pay for usage...and have countered recently with an idea that occurred to me as I have a daughter in college...." want 6 pictures for your text book....OK....give me 12 copies of the book when it is published,and you don't have to pay me for the usage." (then I will list them up on ebay..and the University bulletin board and get about the right amount of money for the usages....) Have you priced college texts lately???!!!?? Not sure about a magazine might have a harder time selling them....but it is a thought....hey with 50 or 100 copies of the magazine you could at least give them out to your friends as gifts.... It also places the ball in their court...they don't value your value theirs in a similar manner...maybe they might get the message w/o your saying it... If their time and work is worth $, so is yours.
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