60d water resistant

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Re: 60d water resistant

What does Canon say about this? IIRC, there is a difference in weather resistance between the 60D and previous XXD bodies.

I would not make the assumption that 50D = 60D.

OTOH, most people have good luck with any body even in somewhat misty environments. I wouldn't worry for a nanosecond about sweaty hands as long as you don't get that salty stuff on lens/camera contacts or battery contacts. And that's easy enough to prevent.

Have fun, take photos.

Alastair Norcross wrote:

Incond Chow wrote:

does 60d water resistant? will the sweat on hand make it malfunction or harm to it?

You'd have to be sweating more than anyone I've ever seen to do that! My 50D is fine in light drizzle. I'm sure the 60D is at least as good.
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