S95 exposure lock and manual WB in video?

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Re: Yes, you can lock exposure

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While in video mode: By pressing the wheel on the back of the camera on the top/center, you invoke the exposure lock. At the same time a white adjustment bar will display, allowing you to do manual adjustment to the exposure by turning the wheel in either directions.


Oh cool. Is this documented in the manual? Seems like there's hardly any talk of it online.

Yes, its in the manual. On page 117, its called AE lock/Exposure shift.

Once you press the up button and you see the scale on the LCD the exposure is locked although you can adjust it using the wheel.
You cant adjust it during recording though.

I use it 99% of the time when recording video, as i did on the S90 as well. Very useful feature, especially if you are panning across a window (for example).

Oooooooooooooooh, I was just going to post back that I had the camera in my hands and it didn't work, but I reread the post a couple of times and figured it out.

In regular camera mode, you lock exposure by Half-Pressing the Shutter Button, then pressing "Up".

When you do this in video mode, it doesn't do anything.

But - if you're in video mode and don't half-press the shutter button, you can just press up directly and it brings up an exposure compensation control. I thought that this just let you set the exposure compensation for the video, but testing it out it looks like it locks in the exposure to whatever the camera is pointing at.

So in summary, in video mode you can -

1. Lock in the exposure by pressing "Up", and adjust it up and down before taking video.

2. You cannot set the general exposure compensation for the video without locking the exposure into a single setting. So if you're filming over uneven lighting, but want the video darker than normal for the whole thing, you're stuck with either the cameras default metering or a single exposure level for the whole thing.

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