Standard/Tele Zooms for Canon 7D

Started Nov 22, 2010 | Discussions thread
PerKristian New Member • Posts: 11
Re: Standard/Tele Zooms for Canon 7D

I was struggling to decide on which standard zoom lens to get for my 7D as I had an old 24-85. I found that to be to long in the wide end and was therefore opting for the 17-40, 15-85 and the 17-55, all of which has their strengths and weaknesses. I ended up with the 17-55 which I am pleased with so far. The lack of reach in the long end is not a big problem (I also has the 70-200 f4 non IS), fixed aperture through the entire range is a huge benefit and the IS is a great bonus. It is quite pricy but the IQ improvement on the 17-55 held against the old 24-85 is significant. In Norway the lens is quite hard to find for sale used, which for me is an indication that the users seems to be quite happy with the lens.

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