Panasonic G1 easily beats Pentax K-x IQ - 3 img

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Panasonic G1 easily beats Pentax K-x IQ - 3 img

I have both cameras, you see.

I can shoot the same scene at the same time.

First, the DA 18-55 II lens. Note the better edge and corner sharpness compared to the kit lens supplied with the K-x, the DA L 18-55.

The image above was auto-corrected in cam; the two settings take around 5 seconds to process and correct for curvature and CA. This slows the camera down immensely, but produces a square, almost error-free image.

The image below is from the L lens, and is not corrected. The two correction functions don't help to correct edge focus - well, if they do, it's not noticeable in my images. I tried all variations.

Even the centre focus drops off towards the edges. Oh, and it's even worse wide open. I'm really trying hard to be nice to Pentax here...

Now for the Panasonic G1 with its kit lens, the highly regarded 14-45. I think that even at the reduced sizes that these images display natively in here you will see the amazing sharpness right across the image plane.

Yes, there might be the slightest drop-off as you go to the edges, but it is hard to pick

Panasonic get criticised by many for including geometry and CA corrections in-camera - they are applied in every shot. The wonder of all this is that it takes no time at all, in a Panasonic (not 5 seconds like a Pentax), to process these corrections.

What do you think? You can click on the full-size original image next to the image name (where it says Original in brackets).

Now, for anyone who wants to jump ahead a little, have a look at the two Pentax images at 100%, along the greyscale bars in the centre. Notice anything? I've mentioned it in other posts in here and suddenly realised tonight that I finally had some examples to show!

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