Blaine critiques please

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Re: Blaine critiques please To you all my DP friends

So sorry for the delay in replying, I have been very busy I thank you for your lovely critiques and interests about my work,

HarleyF, Tomkatzid, Lylejk, Babine, FocusPhotoeditor, Gerrard, Gale, Royslaw
Faith2 and Patre,

Pixel Poetry I deliberately half painted the teddy I wasn’t happy with it fully painted but still good to have other’s thoughts though.

Royi Avital, I love what you’ve done to the Original Image it looks very sharp indeed did you use Photoshop or external plug-ins? Could I please ask if you could delete the photo from Dpreview the image is copyrighted and belong to a Photographer I am working with many thanks.

Hans, that is a little worm I wanted to put something up the tree in the corner as the little girl is looking up but I don’t like the worm now might put something else like a sunray or something.

Claude, Thanks for your nice comment I feel flatted no I am not an illustrator but will take it up in the very near future I am sort of heading that way with my Digital Art work.

Ray, thanks for your nice comments yes most of the work are done using Corel Painter Photoshop is powerful but one thing I am learning it just doesn’t match up with Corel when it comes to painting.

Joe0Bloggs, yes the eyes was barely noticeable in the original It is very hard to paint the eyes though I’ve managed to do it with perseverance.

Appreciated all your critiques many thanks

All by best wishes to you all always.


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