61-80% chance for Pentax mirrorless

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Re: For those who think a K mount would be too big

Even smaller than receding, it could have a short flange distance but have all the electrical and mechanical aspects of K-mount, and use an extender-tube for legacy lenses.

Even better if the extender was collapsible. We need small when not in use, it does not matter as much while in use.

For now I am using my three DA limited on the NEX but would love to use them on a real small mirrorless Pentax, especially if it could AF them.

And yes I still have my K10D but have not taken it skiing or on a hike in years.

MightyMike wrote:

I agree, but i believe it will have to be very distinct and appeal also tot he long time Pentax users, any report i've heard about it from the officials say it will have to be different from the competition and that they cannot compete with a me-too EVIL camera. Thats why i proposed the full size k-mount idea, like a Sony SLT, but minus the mirror and allow the new optics to recess deep into the body, the lenses alone may look ugly but they won't protrude too far out of the camera body. Well i hope for something like this but i have my doubts that Pentax will see the light.
Mike from Canada

'I like to think so far outside the box that it would require a telephoto lens just to see the box!' ~ 'My Quote :)'


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