Will a FF camera help me with this?

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Re: Will a FF camera help me with this?

Andreas Helke wrote:

If you would take the 18 MP crop sensor and enlarge it to full frame you would get a better sensor than the 5D2 sensor. This is what I meant with worse sensor. But the extra area of the full frame sensor might help enough with low light performance that even with 1 stop higher ISO the 5d2 would perform minimally better than the 18 MP APS-c camera with lower ISO. But for practical use both cameras would perform about the same if the absolute amount of DOF determines the camera settings needed.

osullis wrote:

Andreas, didn't you mean to say the opposite? The sensor on the 5D2 produces less noise at higher ISO than the 18mp crop sensor. I'd say for this reason that it has slightly (or not so slightly) better sensor performance.

Andreas Helke wrote:

Since the 5D2 has slightly worse sensor performance than the 18 MP crop cameras you will loose a bit of low light performance for your application.

I appreciate and understand all of the comments. BUT check out this, posted on the 7D forum:


If I understand his explanation. He did this holding DOF constant. The FF looks a lot better?

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