How do you carry multiple lenses at events?

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Re: How do you carry multiple lenses at events?

it depends on the event, for local community events like parades and things like that, I carry all my stuffs in a big shoulder bag, then when I get to the location, I use the Black Rapid Double Strap, I alway have two camera bodies, one mounted with 24-70 and one mounted with 70-200, then I normally have a few fast prime lens in the bag for those time when I need to step indoor for something or a nice headshot of a performer or model or something, since the Black rapid is so comfortable I can walk all day with two pro size camera and few F2.8 Zoom lens on it and few more fast prime in the bag without breaking my back and shoulder, also since I have a shoulder bag, so when I need to change lens, I can easily just kind of swing it to my side and I can easily reach in there to put back the lens I unmounted from the camera and grab the one I want to mount, I can do it while I am walking, I don't even need to stop and stand still to do it, very very easy.

And I some times use a backpack if I know 99% of the time I won't need to constantly swapping lenses, because backpack is more comfortable than the shoulder bag while walking around, but it's a pain and slow when you need to change lens, but after I mount the two camera on my Black Rapid Strap, even with a shoulder bag the bag gets very light anyway, may be only a 35 F1.4 or 50 F1.4 or 85 or something like that in there, it doesn't bother my shoulder at all even I walk all day with it.

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