Using a pc to capture sound and trigger a flash.

Started Nov 18, 2010 | Discussions thread
OP Meuh Veteran Member • Posts: 3,069
Re: Using a pc to capture sound and trigger a flash.

Thank you, that dose look rather nice

I ordered an SCR, i seen some diy builds that basicly used an old tape deck for the mic and outputting to the headphones to the SCR and the SCR then triggering the flash. It was only £1 so thought it was worth the try (should come soon).

I don't know much about electronics but from what i understand the SCR act's as a gate which will send a signal to trigger the flash and the SCR itself will be powered and triggered by the signal from the headphone socket.

If it works cool, if not then ive not lost anything but some time really

I have bookmarked the camera axe and its something i would love to get a hold of at some point

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