Not impressed with Nikon service on D7000

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Not impressed with Nikon service on D7000

I got my D7000 with the kit 18-105vr new a few weeks ago with the 35mm f1.8 and the 24-120 F4 VR.

After a few shots I noticed that all the photos were soft.

I went into my basement and setup my focus chart tests. I test it the same way as all my canon gear with 100% accuracy.

The chat is placed exactly at 45' and verified with a inclinometer. Camera on tripod and used a decent shutter speed. Same way Nikon tests their gear.

Nikon supplied this test photo and it looks good but I winder did they fine tune it?

Is there a way i can check with viewnx2 to see if any fine tune was used?

The first camera needed a -10 to correct focus on all 3 lens. I tested the 24-120 F4 VR on a friend D700 and it required 0 fine tune.

I have my sales guy call the service manager at nikon. The service manager said to drop it off and they would look on it right away. Apparently they did not have the tools/software to service the camera so they exchanged the camera.

I got the brand new replacement and did some test. Oh crap its soft again and after my usual focus test the replacement camera need a -8 to correct focus on all 3 lens.

I called back nikon service and she referes me to one of her service staff. I asked him what is the deal the 2nd camera is off too and needs a -8 for all 3 lens. He said to bring it in and they can calibrate it as they have the correct software and tools now?

He offered to exchnage it again and I said I would rather they calibrate then they keep exchanging the camera. Looks like tomorrow I might go with my laptop and do focus tests their with new camera's till I can get one that need ZERO fine tune. I don't mind if one or two lens require a - or + 2 but why should all lens needs the same correction amount is clearly a body issue.

Ok I drop off the camera last week with all 3 lens so they can check it with my lens if needed. I called today and asked what is the repair status and they said it would be ready this afternoon. Great news, I asked what was done to the camera. He said they adjusted focus and tested.

Clearly it states on service all lens need a -8 which means the body is at fault.

I quickly drove across town to get the camera and they supplied a Nikon test photo.Similar setup as what I do camera on tripod and chart is angled at 45' to the camera.

Looks good they used a 50mm f1.4 and its focused dead center.

As I mount the lens on the camera I see the Af still set at -8 and thought maybe they did not rest to 0 after the calibration. So I set the lens back to 0 and did my tests chart shots.

Oh crap the camera is still back focusing and need a -8 to correct focus. That means the tech did crap and I will be calling the service manger in the morning driving over and let them fix the camera while I wait or they exchange it till I get one at 0 fine tune.

I'm going to have the service manger Explain to me how can my service shows they adjust focus if nothing has changed that all my lens require the same -8 as before.

My 24-120 F4 VR adjusted to -8

How I do my focus tests.

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