7D upgrade dilemma - which way to go?

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Re: 7D upgrade dilemma - which way to go?

David Jahsman wrote:

I can't understand why you would want to put an "L" lens on a Rebel.

That's a silly statement. If a person only needed the level of spec that a Rebel had, then it would be smart not to spend more money on a body than a Rebel, and instead spend money on good glass. For example, for general shooting most people really don't need anything a Rebel T2i. So instead of spending hundreds of dollars more for bells and whistles and features and specs they don't need in a more expensive body, they instead put that extra money into buying good lenses.

Lots of confused feelings regarding the 60D.

What "confused feelings"? It's not that confusing. Just look at the specs of the 60D, decide if it fits your needs, and buy it or don't buy it. I did. That's why I bought a 60D. It's a fantastic camera at a great price. I didn't need the extra bells and whistles of the 7D, so I got the 60D instead. Saved a few hundred dollars.

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