K5 and high ISO in the real world (our kitchen)

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Jono Slack
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K5 and high ISO in the real world (our kitchen)

HI There
Well, for now I have:

16-50 DA* f2.8
35 f2.8 macro
Zeiss 50 f1.4

We had some friends and family around for dinner last night - I just snapped away with the 16-50 and the 50 zeiss. Aperture mode - auto ISO (top limit 6400), auto WB.

The following show cropping, and slight exposure corrections.
No noise reduction (either in camera or in Aperture).

Zeiss 50 f4, 6400 ISO:

Zeiss 50 f1.4, 400 ISO:

Zeiss 50 f1.4, 2500 ISO:

Zeiss 50 f3.2, 4000 ISO:

DA 16-50 39mm f3.5 1250 ISO:

DA 16-50 39mm f3.2 2500 ISO:

Oh and there's Caspar's pigs
DA 16-50 f3.5 50mm 6400 ISO

Pentax 35 f2.8 macro limited f2.8 400 ISO:

Zeiss 50 f5 4000 ISO:

Pentax 35 f2.8 macro limited f2.8 400 ISO:

Pentax 35 f2.8 macro limited f2.8 1000 ISO:

Apart from the last three which were taken at lunch with a mixture of late afternoon grey light and restaurant lighting, they were all taken with the nasty mixed light in our kitchen.

I think the point here is that one can simply relax about iso up to 6400 as long as the exposure is reasonably good. I've not found this to be the case with any previous cameras - especially if one wants to use colour.

All the best
Jono Slack

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