**Any** news or even rumors on a WA DX lens?

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Re: Like this Pentax lens?

swpars wrote:

The closest you'll get with current products is the Pentax 15mm f4.


It's about $500 and relatively slow at f4, and not as wide as you were looking for.

A faster and wider lens will be more expensive and larger.
Equipment in plan.

I to, want Nikon to bring out a modest aperture, fixed focal length ultra-wide for dx, but for slightly different reasons than the OP. Wow, that Pentax lens looks pretty sweet to me if the optics are good! I have the Nikon 12-24, but it does not focus close enough (I noticed the Pentax 15 gets down to 7.1 inches, much better than the 12 inch mfd on the Nikon 12-24). I love the flare resistance of the 12-24, and it produces good color and contrast but I think the resolution of the 12-24 in the corners leaves a lot to be desired. I'd love it if Nikon made a lens like that Pentax lens, though I would like it a little wider. Bigger and more expensive would be fine if the image quality was top notch. I know Nikon already has a 14mm f2.8 that might meet my needs, but there seems to be a lot of disagreement out there about how good it is on digital and it's a pretty expensive lens to buy if it turns out to be no better than the 12-24.

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