New to lighting need help !

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New to lighting need help !


Firstly I would like to apologize in advance for the imperfect english since it is not my first language.

I have a nikon d50 and I am looking into getting more into lightning and portrait.

I have about 1000-1500 $ to spend on gear.

I was thinking about getting some alienbees setup since it look like alot of people like them .
This looked like a good setup

I would probably pick the b800 over the 400 so I would be looking at 800$ setup with shipping and everything.

Ok questions

1. Should I also get a nikon flash to go with this setup like a sb-900 that I could also be shooting with at party , event , a piece of equipement I have been missing alot in the past.
2. Another b800 for a 3 light setup ? Is 2 light enough ?
3. Or plinly just start with a nikon flash ?

The issue is that I am tight on cash and do not want to spend anymore then my budget. And I know when I will receive the gear there will be some stuff I will need to buy like a background rack , softboxes etc...

Also Is there any compatibility issue with the d50 and a setup like that and if so how can I get around it.

Basically I want to start experimenting with light witout being too limited creatively.

I am looking to start a system I will be able to grow with when I can invest a bit more in the future.

Any toughs , recommendation , advice would be really welcome.

At the moment I am not really well versed into how studio gear works but I am usually a very fast learner so when I get the gear with the help of a few book I will manage fine I think.

Many thx in advance

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