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Klobie Photo wrote:

I recently purchased a DMC-ZS7 and discovered that the operation manual was a “simplified” manual. The fully detailed manual was only available on the CD. I contacted Panasonic and asked them to send me the fully detailed manual. They told me that it was not available and I’d have to print it out. That was not an acceptable option, so I continued calling and finally got a person who offered to send me a printed copy. It sounded good, but I soon discovered that it was printed in the 8 ½ x 11” size. I like to carry the manual in my camera bag, so a large copy is useless.

I’ve also found out that beginning with the 2011 models, Panasonic no longer will supply the fully detailed manual with any models, even their “G” series SLR type cameras. Maybe this is for cost savings?

Do others like to carry the manual in their camera bags? Would not being able to obtain the printed manual in the small format make you buy another camera brand? I think Panasonic reads this forum, so we all should sound off so they will hopefully change their decision.

I like you would still like to have a small but fully detailed manual in glossy paper form. I think pdf's are good for viewing on your computer but not everyone has portable devices to view them on while out and about and it would be good to have a small booklet in case you ever need to look something up.

I think its a complete nonsense that they are getting rid of them and just doing electonic instructions only. However, as long as Panasonic continue to make good cameras I'll continue to want to buy them regardless of the small annoying things like this.

I imagine that within a few years its entirely possible that we will all have some form of device that can read pdf's and other files electronically anyway its just a matter of time. E.g. Mobile Smart Phones (all in one gadgets these days), eBook Readers like Nooks and Kindles, iPads, tablets, netbooks etc. Maybe even our cameras will come with in built instruction manuals that we will simply be reading on the displays?

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