Photons Missing In Action

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Re: Photons Missing In Action

Don't different frequencies reach the sensor a different times ? . Is that time difference enough to disturbed to quality of the image ? Those photons which are wandering in the lens , do some of them reach the sensor but at a latter time ? I'm just learning about light principals so please excuse me if my question seem out of place. I'm just visualizing light as I see sound. In acoustics different frequencies move at different speeds and this phase difference makes for some weird distortion artifacts that change the percieved sound. Not only that but in electronics negative feedback which is added to the original signal if in high quantities (bigger phase difference) distorts the sound because of the gross phase difference . Does this same phenomenon exist in light principals ? Are the difference in color really differences in the frequency of the photons ? In other words , Frenquency B would be seen by our eyes as Blue, Frenquency A as red and so on. Of course I'm talking about photons.

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