MP-E 65mm lens experiences?

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MP-E 65mm lens experiences?

First, I genuflect to the Canon lens forum, as a long time Nikon user I know I'm in a foreign land... Thanks for helping out.

I'm a very experienced macro shooter in the Nikon world. I shoot with all the Nikon macros and a Sigma 150mm which is the bomb, with extension tubes on all of them, and even with bellows and a reversed 20mm lens. So, I do know the difference between 1:1 and greater magnifications, and all the insanity that you have to deal with if you want to photograph pollen on a bee's eyebrow. I'm really unhappy that Nikon doesn't have anything in between their 1:1 macro lenses and their fantastic microscopes. They've even discontinued bellows and their 2 element close up lenses.

If I want to get crazy close without a foot and a half of bellows and adapters and other kludges, my only option appears to be the MP-E - which will require me to also buy a Canon DSLR body.

I know that diffraction limits are really different with macro lenses. What I want to know is, what Canon bodies have you used with the MP-E lens? What's the pixel count? At what aperture do you think, with the body you used, the image starts to get unrecoverably soft due to diffraction?

I'll be printing what I shoot at exceptionally large print sizes. I do multi-image stitches of the bellows images I do now... so I'm hoping that a high pixel Canon body with the MP-E will let me get away with four images stitched to get the huge wall-size prints that now require 10-12 images.

My sister is visiting with her MP-E and her 40D so I can work with it. I'd like to be in the 18mp or higher zone with the lens.

What other "normal-ish" Canon macro would you pair with the MP-E?



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