**Any** news or even rumors on a WA DX lens?

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Re: This thread makes little sense.

I like the pictures coming out of my 10-20mm for the most part but I NEVER use it between 13mm and 20mm so why would I not desire a fixed ultra wide angle for DX and believe that if well implemented it would offer me even better IQ and probably would be smaller to boot.

As you can see, having a zoom lens for an ultra wide angle makes very little sense to me. The 12-24mm would give me nothing more. A lot of people shoot at the widest focal length most if not all of the time with ultra wides and this thread makes perfect sense to them (present company included).

Bob GB wrote:

A super wide angle lens 10-14 mm for DX cannot be made very small. The reason is that it need to be an extreme retro focus design. In addition the 12-24 is a very good lens and not that heavy.

If you take a look at existing lenses the Fisheye 10.5 mm weighs in at 305 g. This is a relatively small lens. In comparison the 12-24 weighs 465 g.

The FX 18/2.8 weighs 390 g and the 14/2.8 670 g.

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