**Any** news or even rumors on a WA DX lens?

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Re: **Any** news or even rumors on a WA DX lens?

Then how come the Nikon 10.5mm f/2.8 fisheye is so small and light ? Perhaps making it rectilinear would increase its size but not by much IMHO. Don't forget that the lens composition/formula would be less complex than a zoom.

I'm sure any manufacturer can make a 12mm f/4 for DX that's more compact than the Sigma 10-20mm with better IQ. I'm not so sure that people would want f/2.8 on an ultra wide angle. While some would use it wide open, most would not.

SixDasher wrote:

No, this the pitfall of crop cameras. Extreme wide is hard to do if you want to keep it small and light. The 10-20 is already very small and light, just compare it to the 16-35VR. A 14mm DX will not be much smaller unless they make it f4-5.6, and most people would want f2.8 or better from a prime.

If the crop camera and 10-20 are already too big and heavy, you should ask yourself is DSLR is the way to go. Maybe u4/3 or good compact is a better option.

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