Shortfalls of the D700

Started Nov 18, 2010 | Discussions thread
Barry Kelsall Regular Member • Posts: 164
True Pro build

While I like the compact form of the D700 I long for the ruggedness of my D2x & D2h. The finish on the grip side is worn-to-glossy, & the paint on some of the buttons is worn nearly off. The PC sync failed & I use a hot-shoe sync cord now. I can no longer select which focus point is hot. The camera still focuses fine but I have to focus with whatever target the camera gives me & re-compose. My last outdoor shoot using Auto-ISO I had to set compensation at + 1-1/3 stops even in flat lighting so now I worry that I'm losing the meter. If something major fails rendering the camera inoperable I doubt I will waste my money repairing it - instead I will put that money towards a D3s & suffer the added size & weight.

Yes I would prefer a quieter shutter, but my models actually like it! They like knowing when I have taken the shot..

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