**Any** news or even rumors on a WA DX lens?

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Re: **Any** news or even rumors on a WA DX lens?

I wondered if anyone would respond to my question!

Nikkor 12-24mm weighs about 1.1 lbs with hood and without filters and seems pretty huge to me. I usually carry D300, 16-85mm, 35mm f/1.8 DX, and 55-200mm VR when I don't have a car. In a small bag with an SB-400, a 4T, and the usual other things that's right on 10 lbs. Switching the 55-200 for its bigger brother 70-300mm VR and swapping the 4T for the Micro 85mm DX VR in a somewhat larger bag brings me to 13.5 lbs. Adding the 12-24mm and its hood and filters and a still larger bag brings me to something like 15.5 or maybe even 16 lbs. (Note that much of the weight of accommodating the 12-24mm comes from the larger bag needed to carry it and its accessories.) Yes, I should fiddle packing bags and see what the 12-24mm requires without the longer and macro lenses. Maybe I can get it down to 13 lbs.

Why do I need something wider than 16mm? Take a photo of a building in Europe with its narrow streets or many places in nature that are just plain wider than 16mm on a DX sensor.

No offense to anyone, but I have yet to see a truly sharp photo taken with the Nikkor 10.5mm and then defished. I'm willing to use any sort of software.

If the Pentax lens referred to were 13 or 14mm and Nikon sold it for DX only for $400, I would buy one right now.

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