Shortfalls of the D700

Started Nov 18, 2010 | Discussions thread
scott_mcleod Senior Member • Posts: 1,033
VF magnification (and coverage, and a couple other things...)
  • If they can make DX/APS-C/4/3 cameras with 94% (D300/7000), 100% (7D), and even 115% (E-5) magnification there is NO reason it cannot be done with the D700 (or D3 for that matter) - manual-focus film SLRs had much higher mag viewfinders (I know they also had 100% silvered mirrors, but like I said, if it can work on DX...)

  • 100% VF coverage would be nice but not nearly as big a deal as 30% higher magnification

  • A slightly less obtrusive (lower-pitched) shutter/mirror sound would be appreciated

  • It would be nice if it was lighter - does the prism+mirror box really weigh 170g more than the ones in a D300?

Other than those nitpicks, I like it just fine


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