Standard zoom choices for E-P1

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To recap, I'm looking for a good standard zoom for my E-P2 that...

  • is 14-40mm range or better, i.e. a 'standard' zoom. 12-60mm would be ideal.

  • has fast autofocus. Needs to be capable of locking quickly enough to get a photo of somebody (or some thing) that is moving at a medium speed.

  • offers good image quality, especially on the wide-end. Mostly shooting landscapes, so I care about corners etc.

  • handles reasonably on the E-P2

I have tried:

  • Olympus 14-42mm micro. Slow autofocus, and questionable IQ at the wide end.

  • Olympus 14-54mm 4/3. Very slow autofocus. IQ is decent, but not great at the wide end.

  • Olympus 14-54mm mk2 4/3. Somewhat slow autofocus. Same IQ as the mk1.

  • Olympus 12-60mm 4/3. Great IQ. Large. Slow focus.

  • Olympus 14-35mm 4/3. Great IQ. Very large. Slow and inaccurate focus.

  • Panasonic 14-45mm micro. Good autofocus. Not very good quality at the wide end.

I've sort of run out of ideas, other than giving up and just getting a Nikon D3100 and an 18-70mm or 16-85mm. I like the E-P2's size. The design is okay. But without a suitable lens, I am reluctant to use it due to missed shots and/or low quality output.

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