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Re: Monitor & Printer Profiling

lownine wrote:

1. My monitor is 6 years old and while I plan to acquire a new one soon with a new build, I may just keep this as a 2nd. Do monitor calibration and profiling tools require the user to fiddle with monitor adjustments manually or does the software interact directly with the video card? I was wondering because I'm not sure that my monitor has all the necessary controls if it were necessary for me to open menus and adjust sliders and such.

2. Can printer profiles be developed by outside firms if I print a proper color target as an input for them to work with? This would be an alternative to purchasing my own equipment.


Usually they don't have enough or have poor controls. If you are trying to get it to look good for non-managed stuff like blu-ray you do what you can though. But for photo editing most monitors do best if you leave all controls in factory default and then let the calibration/profiling software create a custom LUT to store in the graphics card for it and a profile of the monitor's gamut/etc. so that color-managed stuff knows the details needed to display on it as best as can be done.

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